Our Heritage


Hamilton Meats was founded by Homer Hamilton in a modest building in central San Diego in 1932. Originally, all our meat was brought in in carcass form and broken down in-house, but during the 1970’s, we began to take advantage of the efficiencies of “Box Beef”. Our commitment to time-honored butchery techniques remained unchanged throughout the growth of the company and two more generations of leadership. In the 2000’s, we added our prized “All Natural” products lines, including antibiotic-free and grass-fed choices. The Hamilton family business grew from a local supplier into a major distributor with a regional footprint. Utilizing our on-site SQF-Certified cutting facility, Hamilton is able to cut the highest quality Organic, Never-Ever, Grass-Fed, Choice, and Prime meats to our customers’ exact specifications. All the while, we have never compromised our reputation for quality, honesty, and integrity. For three generations, Hamilton has continued to be the industry innovator of quality, consistency, and sustainably-farmed products.